History of Our Name

We are named Silvertip for two reasons:


The Silvertip Grizzly Bear is one of the most famous wild animal in the country.  The Grizzly Bear was added to the list of “THE ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT” in 1975.  The U.S. Fish & Game Service estimates that less than 1000 Grizzly Bears remain today.  As retired California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection employees, with over 200 years of service, we don’t want to be on any “Threatened Endangered Species” list ourselves.  We have been part of one of the best wildland firefighting families in the world!  We have the knowledge, health and desire to fulfill a need within the wildland firefighting community.


 Like the song goes:

“If you’ve ever seen the forest when a fire is running wild, and you love the things within it like a Moth-er loves her child, then you know why Smok-ey tells you when he sees you pass-ing through,

The name Grizzly or Grizz , as the Old Timers called them, comes from the white hair that grows on them making them look grizzled and streaked with grey.  If you have looked at our staff section of our website you will realize the second reason why we picked our name Silvertip.

We want to thank everyone who helped us get started in 2001 getting Silvertip Helibase Management Service off the ground.  Special “Thanks” to the crew of Copter 101 - Howard Forest Helitack – Mendocino Unit, for the extra training they gave to the staff of Silvertip.  We were part of this Helitack crew during our working years and look forward to working with “Everyone” in our retired years!

Our company is dedicated to the Memory of Rick Patterson, “Mister Helitack”.

About Us

24/7 Dispatch (707) 493-0940

Silvertip is a unique full service support solution!

Silvertip Helibase Management Service is a multi-agency helibase management service provider.  Owned and operated by qualified retired veterans of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection with over 134 years of fire fighting experience.

Silvertip hires individuals to key positions who have first hand experience and certification working for state and federal agencies.  Training and education is on-going using agency standards and requirements.

Silvertip HMS is available 24/7 for any type of emergency response that requires helicopter support.