Whichever option you select we guarantee you will receive professional, efficient and friendly service.


  • Operations Trailer

  • Silvertip Ops/HB Manager

  • TOLC

  • ABRO

  • Deck Coordinator

  • Personnel Loadmaster


  • Operations Trailer

  • TOLC

  • ABRO

Helibase support module

Our Support Module is a fully trained 4 person version of our Management Module.  Radio communications and finance are essential elements of helibase operations that we take care for you.

helibase management Module

Our Management Module is a fully staffed "ready-to-go" operational helibase that includes 24/7 security.  You supply the helicopters and water and the fire is sure to be put out before you can say "Captain Ken".

  • Our performance consistently earns the highest agency ratings

  • Personnel are experienced and certified working for state & federal agencies

  • Education is on-going using agency standards and requirements

  • Operation trailers are equipped to meet State and Federal contract provisions

Featured Services

TAKE IT FROM THE EXPERTS - A safe environment is THE FOUNDATION OF An efficient helibase


Silvertip HMS is a multi-agency helibase management service provider.  Owned and operated by qualified retired veterans of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection with over 134 years of fire fighting experience.  Silvertip personnel are qualified for their positions and are available 24/7 for any type of emergency response that requires helicopter support. 

Services Overview

  • Aircraft Finance

  • Logistics

24/7 Dispatch (707) 493-0940

  • Cargo Loadmaster

  • Parking Tender

  • Aircraft Finance/Records

  • Security (24/7)

  • Gate/Check-in

  • Logistics